CarbonIP is developing lignin-based hard carbon (HC) to be utilized as a renewable replacement for graphite in the anodes of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs).   Renewable HC, made from lignin, can augment the supply chain for mined graphite and/or synthetic graphite and create a more robust domestic supply of this critical battery component.

Our research, and early-stage production, has shown that renewable HC, made from lignin, has equivalent, or better electrical properties than existing mined or manufactured (natural or synthetic) graphite supplies.

CarbonIP is also developing three (3) other product pathways:

  • Lignin-based HC for sodium ion batteries (SIBs)
  • Lignin-based activated carbon (LAC) for supercapacitors
  • Sulfur-impregnated LAC (SLAC) for lithium sulfur batteries

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